South Carolina Scholarship Program

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Seniors:  Browse below and keep visiting for up-to-date scholarship information.  Don't forget to turn in copies of all scholarship and grant offers you receive!

HOPE Scholarship
- A one year, merit-based scholarship created for students attending a four-year institution who do not qualify for the LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarship.  More information here.

LIFE Scholarship -
A merit-based scholarship.  More information here.

Lottery Tuition Assistance -
Eligible full-time students may receive up to $1,140 per term and eligible part-time students may receive $95 per credit hour to be used toward the cost-of-tuition.More information here.

National Guard College Assistance -
financial assistance to members of the South Carolina Army and Air National Guardby providing incentives for enlisting or remaining for a specified time in either the South Carolina Army or Air National Guard (SCNG).  More information here.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
- Eligible students may receive up to $6,700, per year for college. More information here.

SC Need-Based Grant - Need-based grant is to provide additional financial aid to South Carolina’s neediest students. A student may receive up to $2,500 annually if enrolled full-time or up to $1,250 annually if enrolled part-time as a degree-seeking student at an eligible S.C. public institution.  More information here.
More Scholarships can be found on the Scholarship List in Naviance

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