Brett Johnsen

Welcome to the 8th Grade Science Page

We cover Earth Science this year.  This encompasses a wide variety of different sciences and topics.  We investigate what makes earthquakes inside the Earth to how the Earth behaves in outerspace.  We study Geology, Biology, Physics, Ecology, Astronomy, as well as other areas of science.  

I have been at SOA since 2003.  I have two daughters that were born in 2005 (Britni) and 2009 (Briana).  Both of my daughters were born in Charleston, but I grew up just outside of Chicago, Illinois.  I went to the University of South Carolina, graduated from College of Charleston with a bachelors degree in Biology, and received my M.ED. from Southern Wesleyan.

I am also the Varsity Boys Basketball Coach and Softball coach at Academic Magnet High School.

In My Class, and In Life...Effort is the key to success.

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