CCSOA Theatre Department Overview

When the Charleston County School of the Arts (CCSOA) began in 1995 there were only two grades (6th & 7th). Each year a new grade level was added resulting in the school as we now know it, spanning 6th through 12th grade. The theatre department has been part of this evolution and consequently has developed into one of the most unique and challenging theatre education programs to be found for grades six through twelve in the Southeastern USA.

As a process-oriented program centering on the Actor and Story, the department aims to facilitate a level of competency that allows students to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired through the course work for the challenges of life.

The program’s concentration builds each year through integrating and reemphasizing previous curriculum standards so that the students develop the necessary skills to complete the program’s challenging goals. Its method emphasizes learning-by-doing in a format that is intensive, highly disciplined and focused on individual development.

Having a specific process-centered educational mission allows the program to provide an integrated and concentrated curriculum, which develops definable and significant results in individual student artistic successes.

For in the final analysis, whatever new technologies, experiments, trends, designs, personalities or ideas that may come to the world of Theatre, everything ultimately depends on the story to be told about the human condition. Or as Shakespeare says: “to hold, as 'twere the mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure”   -Hamlet. III.2.

As a result the department produces over 50 performances throughout a school year including student created one acts, improv shows, full length plays, educational outreaches (performance and instructional) to other schools, showcases of different genres and experimental work, touring, ensemble created pieces, scene and monologue showings, children’s theatre productions and one-person shows.

At the middle school level students’ objectives include play & script analysis, ongoing development of the acting apparatus (voice, body, technique, imagination & confidence), facility to create theatrical stories, good work ethic, high level of collaboration skills and a solid command of general theatre knowledge.

At the high school level students’ objectives include the ones listed at the MS level along with a stronger emphasis on individual self-sufficiency in achieving a higher standard.

In addition, HS students’ abilities are developed in the following areas: creation of original works, integrating images of theatrical design, theatre history, styles and theories, the role of a director for self and group work and the intellectual skills to explore, examine, interpret and integrate a variety of ideas and concepts for the purpose of creating performances for theatre.

This challenging curriculum offers an environment of constant focus on creative and problem solving skills which help our students learn who they are and who they can become. As a result they learn to accept and deal with their lifelong process of learning more effectively than students who have not studied in the CCSOA Theatre Department.

Hence, it is our aim that graduates take with them not hopes of “stardom” but rather, usable high level skills, resulting from the experience of elevated standards in creativity, intellect, work ethic and collaboration.

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