Deaf Designs Embroidery Services
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The Deaf Program is offering embroidery services through our vocational readiness program.  Our deaf students have the opportunity to learn an employable skill that will benefit them after graduation.  All money goes back to the Deaf Program to support community based learning, and other educational activities.

We can do bags, shirts, tablecloths, blankets, etc…
canvas bag embroidered with name gavyn and an initial Gembroidered cooler bag lid with the name Rockembroidered shoes monogram MKA

We offer three different styles of  monograms and a variety of custom lettering.  Bring us the item and we will design it for you.

· Standard Monograms $8

· Custom Lettering up to 10 letters $8:
                                         Additional lettering 10 cents per letter

 Cost determined per item:

· Applique  · Design Logos· Oversize Monograms

    embroidery machine stitching  embroidered laundry bag